Hey there, I'm Dusan!

( It's actually Dušan, but I chose the font with the ugly letter 'š'. Good job! )

Sadly, my designer got ill while I was crafting this react overkill website.

But worry not!

You can feast your eyes on some of masterpieces I designed and created myself.

(Thank you, ChatGPT, for this great intro)

Check my work by clicking on this utterly pointless button

(Yep, no transitions on hover—because I'm hardcore like that)

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About me

I'm a freelance web developer coming from Belgrade, Serbia.

Problem-solving and creativity are what drive me and get me out of bed in the morning; continuous learning comes along for the ride. I find deep fulfillment in building and refining web solutions.

I build websites optimized for speed.

I try to keep things light so that users get your content fast and with small bandwith costs. We discuss what realy matters to you and then filter your content, making it straightforward, light, and easy to use.

I build websites for everyone and anyone.

Everyone should have a good web experience regardless of the the device and conectivity being used. Your content must be delivered to the user no mather what.

My tech stack

  • Vanilla html css and JavaScript
  • React with Typescript
  • Wordpress

Looks so simple, doesn't it?

I prefer React with Typescript, it gives me freedom. There's a large ecosystem around it, and I have plenty of my own already-built, used, and tried solutions. Typescript is so good and helpful that once you get the hang of it, you'll find yourself using it even on smaller projects like this one. But neither React nor TypeScript are suitable for every job.

To the rescue comesWordPress. WordPress is still the king in small freelancing jobs. People want it, people like it, it's cheap, it is tried and true.

If it's simple enough, there is always good old vanilla HTML, CSS, & JS.

Ofcourse there are other tools in the toolbox of every developer:

  • Photoshop/Gimp (I prefer GIMP because I'm a Linux user and a cheapskate)
  • Bootstrap
  • Figma
  • Tailwind
  • Smooth js animations (Check the jumping pointer down below! Exquisite, I know!)
  • Redux
  • Styled components
  • Git
  • GatsbyJS
  • Yes, I just wanted
  • this list to
  • look longer

If I've already won you over with spining smileys in the background, feel free to hire me!

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This is some of my work that I have permission to display as my own. Much of my work involves tasks such as fixing, correcting, improving, and adding animations to websites owned by others and done by/for others.

Let's Talk!

Yes, I've mastered the mystical arts of crafting a contact form after countless years of working in web development.